Brydie Lee-Kennedy and Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Fixated podcast episode 1

In the very first episode of the new comedy podcast, Australian comedian, writer, podcaster, cabaret performer and sex columnist Brydie Lee-Kennedy tells us about her love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As a complete Buffy noob, I was interested to hear about Buffy as a feminist role model and how the series tackled difficult and important subjects like sexuality and depression. Over the course of the episode, I learn that British men control ALL women* and I came to realise I wasted so many hours watching Dawson’s Creek that I should have spent on Buffy. Luckily, in the UK at least, the series is available on Netflix!

*apparently. I have not managed to prove this. In fact I might have proved the opposite.

Brydie can be found on her website, on twitter and on either of her own great podcasts, Do Who I Say Not Who I Do, and Gods Of Comedy with Bec Hill. Seriously, what sort of fool would work with Bec Hill?

Subscribe, download and listen on itunes now. And if you’ve got a minute or two I’d be honoured if you’d give the podcast a quick star rating and review.

And once you’ve done that, or if you don’t like itunes, there are tons of other options for listening on the About page.

And remember, that which does not kill you, makes your hair look a bit nicer!


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