John Hastings is fixated on professional WRESTLING! It’s Fixated episode 8.

John Hastings is a great comedian from Canada now based in the UK. He takes a break from recording his own ‘Anything can be a Podcast’ podcast to talk to me about his love of the only sport where you “can watch a policeman fight a mythical ninja from Mars”… Professional wrestling! Over the course of the hour, John and I discuss the common traits of wrestlers and comedians, Beakman’s World and the link between Owen Hart and Rod Hull (listen first then scroll to the bottom of this post for more*). John also manages to plug podcasts by Colt Cabana (The Art of Wrestling), Steve Austin and Brendon Burns, but listen to this one first! For more on pro wrestling events in the UK, I recommend Progress.
Find John at or on twitter @thejohnhastings.
Thanks for listening!
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The music is Somehows and Somewhats from the album Deltas of Matacumbo by Cosmic Analog Ensemble. Used under a creative commons attribution 4.0 international license.

*After recording the podcast, I found out that Hart and Hull died within two months of each other and Hull was pronounced dead at a hospital in the town of… HASTINGS! Bizarre that two such tragic stories are so closely linked.

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