Stuart Goldsmith is fixated on NETRUNNER! Fixated Ep 12

Stu Goldsmith is an incredibly charming, charismatic and quick-witted comedian who is known for, amongst other things, his hugely popular podcast ‘The Comedians Comedian’. When not charming the pants off audiences and discussing comedians’ writing processes, he loves playing strategy games. In this episode of Fixated, we discuss his current obsession with the game Android: Netrunner.
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During the course of our discussion, we touch on varied subjects, including (but not limited to):
  • brotherly love,
  • competitive cuddling,
  • comedian Richard Sandling’s concept of a “double agent”,
  • netrunner podcasts Terminal7 and Agenda7,
  • what a card game has in common with brazilian jiu jitsu,
  • the comedian James “knee deep in pussy” Acaster…and…
  • the origin of Stu’s accidental podcast catchphrase “eggy pause”!!!
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The music is Somehows and Somewhats from the album Deltas of Matacumbo by Cosmic Analog Ensemble. Used under a creative commons attribution 4.0 international license.

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