Direct download links

No messing about with iTunes etc. If you just want to download the mp3 and get on with it, here are the direct download links for each episode…

Episode 13: Joe Bor, fixated on The Backstreet Boys and Made in Chelsea. LINK

Episode 12: Stuart Goldsmith, fixated on Netrunner. LINK

Episode 11: Ben Van Der Velde, fixated on The Beatles. LINK

Episode 10: Mark Davison, fixated on The Cure, diary-keeping and list-making. LINK

Episode 9: Andrew Watts, fixated on Granville Sharp. LINK

Episode 8: John Hastings, fixated on PRO WRESTLING! LINK

Episode 7: Stephen Bailey, fixated on Hilary Duff and Zac Efron. LINK

Episode 6: Nathaniel Metcalfe, fixated on Anthony Newley. LINK

Episode 5: Sarah Bennetto, fixated on COMPING (ie entering and WINNING competitions). LINK

Episode 4: Paul Duncan McGarrity… Warhammer, sudoku, World of Tanks Blitz. LINK

Episode 3: Sooz Kempner… David Hyde Pierce, Robert De Niro, Dressage, Sonic the hedgehog. LINK

Episode 2: Chris Coltrane, fixated on pen-pals, anime and Nintendo. LINK

Episode 1: Brydie Lee-Kennedy, fixated on Buffy. LINK


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